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Monday, June 30, 2008


A quick update on what the Bruces are doing!

Bruce Campbell
Bruce has finished directing his new film My Name is Bruce. A small mining town is under siege by and ancient Chinese ghost monster. A teenager named Jeff kidnaps his idol, Ash, from the Evil Dead trilogy, thinking he can stop the monster. But its not Ash, it's Bruce Campbell, and hilarity ensues. My Name is Bruce is set for limited release in the US in October 2008. For more info check out

Bruce McCulloch
Bruce has spent the last few months on tour with the Kids in the Hall. The tour, "Live As We'll Ever Be" has been extremely successful, to say the least. The Kids have a brand new video, which you can watch at on the kithblog. Warning: It contains brief nudity. For other fun Bruce stuff (like his songs and other shit like that) check out

Bruce Dern

Bruce just finished a movie called Swamp Devil. Need I say more?


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