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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm The Sixth Borough's own Corey Cohen. And folks, don't be fooled by the picture, I am that obnoxious. Today I wanted to introduce a brand new semi-weekly semi-series of posts, by me, in person.

However, unlike regular blog posts you may have seen in the past, mine will include images I found on the internet and arranged to be hysterical!

I know, it's brilliant.

Calm down.

This semi-series will be part of a larger lecture I am preparing for a later date, which is part of an ongoing effort to download as many images of Jesus as I can. That is because as a Jewish man, I have always felt a hole in my heart shaped like a cross. In an effort to learn more and better understood my potential true Lord, I must stalk him like the wiliest former chemistry classmate who may still have nice breasts.

Each posting will include images of Jesus in relation to different theoretical perspectives. Such perspectives may include:

Jesus + Robots
Jesus + Karate
Jesus + Contemporary Musicians

It's all up to me. So please, look and learn. This weeks perspective:

Jesus: Man's Man

This image shows that Jesus is comfortable just hanging out, lending a helping hand. Jesus could pass the ball to himself, but he doesn't. And I respect that.

Remember, Jesus is just one of the guys. Notice he tucks his t-shirt into his pants with confidence. And if there is one man outside of James Dean who can be confident with that look, it's probably Jesus.

In case you haven't gotten the point, this guy is really serious.

Really serious. Serious about being a man.

And then just when it gets heavy, we see that being a man also means taking time to get rowdy with some old college friends. Jesus knows better than anyone, sometimes you have to laugh at yourself.


1 comment:

Badgerick Calais said...

hey. that's some ill shit. i like jesus humor. just don't say anything bad about the blessed mother. i know that lady and let me tell you, she's a fine bitch. Inshalla