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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama Campaign Set To Debut Even Creepier Posters

Yes We Can Have More Pictures Out Of An Orwellian Nightmare

CHICAGO -- In an effort to grow the ever-swelling cult of personality surrounding Barack Obama, his campaign officials announced today that they would be placing posters that make him look even more like a totalitarian dictator at bus stops throughout the country.

His top campaign staffers said they intend to keep running a campaign largely based around a charismatic leader, popular sloganeering and eye-catching graphics. His campaign officials said that by making even more frightening posters, they hope to increase the growing ranks of his die-hard, unquestioning legion of supporters.

“We’re planning for our next posters to copy the cover of an old edition of 1984. We‘re thinking of having a vague close-up of Obama‘s eyes watching over all Americans,” said Obama’s minister of information John “Jake” Vernon. “In focus groups, the young intellectuals who make up the most of Obama’s core voters also responded well to the posters of Ceaucescu the Romanian secret police forced Bucharest shopkeepers to place in their windows in order to avoid imprisonment.”

Vernon also said that the Obama campaign would be collaborating with Black Eyed Peas front man Will I. Am to make a remix of his popular “’Yes We Can’” song and video, this time set to the classical music of Richard Wagner.

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