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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dirtiest Public Bathroom in Philadelphia Contest

The Sixth Borough has decided to start it's first-ever contest: The Dirtiest Bathroom in Philadelphia Contest! We are looking for stories, pictures and tales of the worst bathroom experiences in the city. The winner will recieve fame and acclaim of being a public establishment with a truly disgusting bathroom.

We (mostly, Tabitha and Gregg) have already have had some discussions as to the leaders for this illustrious title:

1) The second floor unisex Khyber bathroom which leaks to the stage below
2) The bathroom without any doors at Upstairs at Sal's
3) McGlinchey's
4) Dirty Frank's
5) The bathroom at the Shop-Rite on Ridge Ave. in Roxborough
6) Any bathroom in the 300/400 level at Citizen's Bank Ballpark

Oddly, the cleanest public bathroom in Philly award might go to the South Philly Chickie and Pete's, which has a bathroom attendant.

ADDITION: Comicvsaudience's Dave Walk has a solid nomination: the bathroom at the main branch of the Free Library. GG completely agrees with this nomination. That bathroom is disgusting.


TV said...

The winner of the contest recieves a staph infection.

Badgerick Calais said...

downstairs at the khyber isn't any picnic either. but i think whenever there's a dirtiest contest, you gotta throw out McGlinchy's. It's just unfair. That bathroom had AIDS before anybody even knew about it. And the worst part is that it is so small it's impossible not to touch something, which makes it even nastier.

Jaime said...

The thought of the bathroom at Dirty Franks is so terrifying that I have never actually used it.

I would also like to nominate the hidden corner of the 7-11 on Washington Ave. because with the number of times I've seen someone pissing there, I think it counts as a public bathroom and it's the only one listed that allows pigeons.