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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fashion Update: Diarrhea Is the New Black

Hey ladies! Here's a fall fashion preview!
The word on the street is Diarrhea is the next big look for fall.

Whether you're subtly dabbing a bit on your eyes, or strutting your stuff in your brand new Diarrhea-rinse jeans, this runny stool is a MUST HAVE for Fall '08.

"The nice thing about Diarrhea is that it's affordable, yet sophisticated."
-Bobby Brown, makeup artist.

Diarrhea is super easy to coordinate with your neutral metallics, also a fall essential. Diarrhea goes great with Uggs, Crocs, and whatever other really cool shoes you want to wear!

Just remember, the one thing Diarrhea doesn't match with is fat.

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