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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Get To Know Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Chestnut Hill

Where People Better Than You Live

Get To Know Chestnut Hill
Have you ever dreamed of being someone's servant? Take orders from a child who snaps their fingers at you like you're a dog? Wanted to be constantly reminded that you're barely fit to lick the dirt off of a rich person's shoes?

Then Chestnut Hill is the neighborhood for you! Located in the far northwest corner of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill is the ideal place to be treated as a human ashtray by your social superiors.

Etiquette In Chestnut Hill
There are rules to follow for non-Chestnut Hill residents when entering the streets of this tony neighborhood. First, always cast your eyes downward when you see a resident of the neighborhood. You'll know when you see a resident of the neighborhood because they're better than you. Second, always make sure you curtsey before a female resident of Chestnut Hill, even (and especially) if she's a pre-teen. Always remember -- while you may not currently work for a resident of Chestnut Hill, someday these people WILL employ you, thus make sure you get on their good side now.

Shopping In Chestnut Hill
Are you a wealthy matronly lady approaching her menopausal years? Germantown Ave, Chestnut Hill's main shopping corridor, has both a Chico's AND a Talbot's, giving you ample opportunities to by shawls, pant suits and tiarras.

Dining In Chestnut Hill
Chestnut Hill is home to several of the city's finest restaurants. At the top of the list is The Melting Pot, a foundue restaurant where diners can take food in their fat, filthy hands and dip it into scalding, broiling cheese.

Escaping From Chestnut Hill
When enslaved by a Chestnut Hill family, try using a spoon stolen from one of your master's many china sets to dig a hole from the dark lair you're kept in at night.

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