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Monday, December 21, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Step Up 3: Washington Ave"

This is what usually happens to people after a 6th Borough show at Connie's Ric Rac...

Come to our next show and you too might have a late night dance off with a tiny Vietnamese man!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Lost "Time Jawn" tapes

For those that still are confused as to what a Time Jawn is, even after seeing our thorough exploration of them in our Fringe Festival show coincidentally entitled "Time Jawn", here is a never before seen collection of interviews from an unaired televsion special who's production was mysteriously  shutdown before it's completion. If after this you are still confused, then maybe you need to stop and ask yourself, "Am I a Time Jawn?"

The Lost "Time Jawn" Tapes from 6th Borough Comedy on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


STEAL THIS SHOW is back in action at Connie's Ric Rac!

Come out and enjoy your favorite South Philly comedy show hosted by Corey Cohen!

Featuring comedy from:
Jason Messina
Tabitha Vidaurri
Frank Tartaglia
Doogie Horner
Joey Dougherty
Aaron Hertzog

BYOB 21+
Only 10 bucks!
Friday, October 23
Doors @ 8pm

You'll laugh, you'll drink, you'll leave!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


"WTF is a Timejawn?"
"It's when time somethings over onto itself!"

Hey everybody! We had so much fun the past couple weeks performing our fantastic four show run of Timejawn. We learned a lot, about science, Jesus, and when it's not a good time to go number 2 (or 3 or 4).

We've also got a new video up on the Internet, which is straight from Timejawn and it's called Rock and Roll Pizza. We'll have more videos uploaded in the coming weeks, so keep your checking back here for more updates.

And be sure to check out this month's issue of The Comedians, there's an article about our epic journey to the Midwest.

We've also added a big, bulging load of photos to our slideshow, so check that jawn out.

Friday, August 21, 2009


We're back from our epic odyssey to the great state of Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Comedy Festival. We came, we saw, we ate sausage, and it was great. There's going to be an article in The Comedians coming out in September about our trip, as well as a mini-documentary premiering at our show in the Philly Fringe Fest, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back from Chicago!

We're back from Chicago, and as some of you might know, we KICKED IT'S MONKEY ASS. Read all about it below in this post from Comic Vs. Audience. Thanks to Dave Walk and all the comedy kids in town for your support! Pics from the trip and info on upcoming shows soon to follow!! Yaaaaaaay!!!

Photo taken by C vs. A at The Sixth Borough's "Depression Isn't Just A River In Egypt" at Connie's Ric Rac this past April. We weren't in Chicago.

"It was fun to do it anyway but to the fact that we won a couple of festival trips made it much more worthwhile," said Corey Cohen a day after his group, Philadelphia's THE SIXTH BOROUGH, won not just the Audience but the Judges award at Chicago's Snubfest (presented by Chemically Inbalanced Comedy). With the awards came entrances toMilwaukee's Comedy Festival in August and 2010's Montreal Sketch Festival.

The other award from Snubfest went to Chicago's The Cool Table, who in turn earned entrance into the Philly Sketchfest later this year (dates haven't been announced yet, but best believe we'll be on top of it).

Meanwhile, plans are in the works for a hero's welcome home for The 6B similar to the Philadelphia Phillies victory parade last year (no, not really). They've just made us so proud, sniff.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you don't understand it, it's probably genius. -- PART 5

After a quick cigarette and another cheeseburger, we were off into the great unknown, to find the fabled lands of Montana...

"Not so fast!" shouted a voice from the darkness adjacent to the lighter area.

The voice was so familiar, I froze. I dropped my cigarette and my cold hands began to sweat. Kurt turned to me.

"Man, that voice is so familar", he said. "Do you have a hand towel I could use?"

"How about you just dry your hands on my blowtorch you alien sac of shit!"

And from the aforementioned darkness stepped Bearded Kurt Russell. And without hesitation, my vagina imploded and then rebuilt itself stronger and more potent than ever.

"You! Narrator! If you value your life, and your newly strengthened front bottom, and if you have any hopes of the real Kurt Russell peeing white into it, then step away from that alien duplicate of
me, the real Kurt Russell!"

"But...confused, too many K-Kurt Russells...bulging...", I stumbled at the sight of his excessive chin masculinity. 5 o'clock shaven Kurt Russell grabbed my arm.

"Don't listen to him! He's the alien! Look at the subtle blonde highlights peppered into my fashionably contructed mullet-hair! No alien could duplicate this so accurately!"

Bearded Kurt Russell shot a blast of hot fire into the air. "Enough! Ok! Ok! If you're not an alien, then you won't mind taking a little test to make sure!"

"Bring it!" 5 o'clock shaven Kurt Russell demanded.

"Alright! I'm going to shoot you with my blowtorch. If you start to burn, you're an alien. If you're truly Kurt Russell, your coating of chest sweat will repel the flames. I'll go second."

"Makes sense", I confirmed, and readied my camera phone.


Two shots screamed out of the darkness, catching both Kurt Russells in the head, exploding Kurt Russell brains all over the cheeseburger tree.

Hence the Big Mac was born.

I screamed, and turned to run. A voice came from the darkness. Again.

"Don't be a pussy."

And from the black stepped a figure dressed in It was Eye-patch Kurt Russell.

"They were both aliens. I'm the real Kurt Russell. Look." He pointed down at their bodies which were now just steaming piles of green diarrhea. He gently kicked one of the piles.

"See? It's not Kurt. It's imitation."

I prodded one of the piles with a stick and flung some of the green diarrhea at the cheeseburger tree. Now we had Whoppers.

"But how do I know if you're the
real Kurt Russell?"

He picked up the blowtorch and shot himself in the chest. The flames bounced right off.

"They were trying to get you to go to Montana, weren't they?"

"Yea! We need to find the Luddites! You see, after the internet blew-up, all the useless crap inside it, things like videos of dogs running into walls and peoples opinions, they all went into our heads and now we're having nightmares, and we have to---!"

"Slow down. Slow down. First of all, there aren't any more humans in Montana. They're all aliens. Those two were going to take you there so you could carry their alien babies. Good thing they didn't have a chance to have sex with you yet, seeing as how you just met them and all."

Hesitant, I responded.

"You're right! Good thing! After this though we definitely should celebrate and go eat some sushi. And push me down an escalator. You got a cigarette?"

"No. But I do have cigarellachinos. Mexican cigarettes. They're basically tacquitos, except you smoke them. Now, lets stop wasting time. We have alot to do before we stop the bad internet dreams."


The diarrhea carcass of Bearded Kurt Russell lunged at Eye-patch Kurt Russell. Eye-patch Kurt answered with a shotgun blast to the mouth.


"Now let's get the fucking fuck out of here..."


Monday, June 22, 2009

"WDTRC" --- PART 3

"The Spirit turned away just as the Boy was sucked through the portal, spiraling past clocks and trippy 70's colors..."


When we last left our organally challenged hero, he was spiraling past clocks and trippy 70's colors which could only mean one thing. He was headed back in time! To 1870! Oversized pocketwatches as big as his stomach, and crazy colors like gray, brown, sepia-tone, and brown again, whizzed around him sending him into a tizzy. "Help!" he shouted, but the sound was drowned out by a thousand phonographs playing "When Johnny comes marching home", from the Die Hard with a Vengeance soundtrack, in rounds. And just before The Boy with a stomach for a Face lost consciousness, a giant Jeremy Irons face appeared and said, "He was an asshole!
You got his number! number...number...number....asshole....."


The boy with a stomach for a face awoke, rubbed his nipples, and squinted up at the sun. A figure stepped over him blocking the light. "Do ye have any fish?"

"What? No. Where am I? Did you just call me an asshole?"

"Mine inquiry preceded your own."


"I asked ye if ye have any fish to eat."

"No, do I look like I have any fish to eat?"

"No. Ye looks as though your pappy must've enjoyed a thorough nose blowing at the moment he dripped seed into your mother's sin den."

"Who told you to say that?! Was it Matthew Guntherclit?! I don't care what he says! I told him not to stick his finger in my butt-ear!"

"So, can ye teach me how to fish?"

"No! Why would I teach you how to fish? You just made fun of me! And how come you're dressed like a person from the 1870s? Specifically."

"I might ask ye the same thing. For instance, why does your shirt appear to have purposeful tears in it and drawings of skulls that can fly? Are ye a hobo demon? Possibly a low-income specter?"

"No! This is my new t-shirt I got so the other kids won't make fun of me. It's from the hippest most coolest store in the mall! Hollister! Yea!"

"What did ye say? Repeat that."


"The thing before it."


"Too far."


"Yes! What does ye know of the mysterious Hollister?"

And the Boy with a stomach for a face thought for a moment, carefully choosing what he would say next...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Whisper Down the Red Corpse - Part 2

Then the Boy with a stomach for a face ran out into the backyard, tears streaming from his toenails.---

PART 2 ----

The Boy ran and ran. He tripped, then fell. Then, again with the running. He ran until he was in the woods, and all was dark around him. There he entered a clearing. He collapsed to the ground, tired, hungry, and ugly.

"Why!? Why must I look like this?" he shouted into the still black air.

"Because-um" said a voice, "Your people violated a most ancient code-um."

The boy jumped up, wiping his feet free of tears with his boner fingers. "Who is there?" he asked, with fear in his voice and bird shit in his hair.

"I am the spirit of the forest, ugly one-um." said the voice. Then, from the trees, entered the spirit of the forest. He was a tall gray man, with a big hat covered in feathers, and a t-shirt that said "Spirit of the Forest" on it.

"Are you a g-g-g-ghost?" asked the Boy, frightened enough that his ears retracted into his chest.

"Are you ugly-um?" asked the Spirit rhetorically, as both he and the Boy clearly knew the answer was yes, and it did not need to be explained, especially to an intelligent reader such as yourself.

"So then what are you doing here? How did I get here? Can you tell me why I am so fucking ugly?" asked the Boy.

"You see-um," said the Spirit in a deep, somber voice, "you are the result of the white man's abuse of my people's ancient secret nuclear power plant..."

The Boy watched the Spirit as several seconds passed. "Right..."

"That's it," said the Spirit, clearly irritated. "Did you think it was more complicated-um?"

"I guess I assumed it would be." said the Boy as he confusedly picked his elbow nose with his boner. "So if it was so obvious, why did you come here to tell me?"

"Oh, yes-um..." said the Spirit, taking out his magic wand."I forgot."

The Spirit flicked his wrist, and suddenly a wormhole ripped open on the far edge of the clearing, and started sucking in the Boy with a power he couldn't escape. As the Boy began to be drawn in, the Spirit turned to him, and in that deep voice that made the Boy's boner fingers stand on end, said "Good luck-um. You are in for some serious weirdness."

The Spirit turned away just as the Boy was sucked through the portal, spiraling past clocks and trippy 70's colors...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

And now, 6B's on-going, ever changing, funny ha-ha story. One of us starts, and another continues. And continues. And continues. Crazy right? Read it.

PART 1 ----

"The kids at school say that my Daddy must have sneezed when he came!", snuffed the Boy with a stomach for a face to his Mother.

"What did I tell you about using that type of language?! Now get your nose off the table young man!", Mother snapped slamming the pasta strainer on the side of the stove.

"That's what I'm saying Mom! If I were a normal kid, I would have my elbows on the table! But no, look at me everyone! I have to roll up my sleeve to check for boogers!"

"Speaking of which, why don't you reach over here and tell me how my sauce smells."

"I don't want to! Plus I'm not hungry anyway!"

"Oh who are you kidding?! I can hear your head growling from here!" She sips the spatula of sauce. "Hmmm, needs more Gatorade."

"And then at recess, Matthew Guntherclit gave me a Wet Willy and I had to go the bathroom to stop the bleeding!"

"Poor Matthew Guntherclit. I take it you never told him that you hear with your butthole? What a shame...for him."

"But what about me Ma?! Every time the class bell rings, I poop a little!"

"Look! You are as God made you. And radiation. If we had known that our house was built on an ancient Indian nuclear power plant, then we would have never moved here! But here he are, twelve years later, one loving family, with a son that can wink his nipples! Now I think that's pretty special."

"Oh, you just don't understand! And I hate your sauce!"

Then the Boy with a stomach for a face ran out into the backyard, tears streaming from his toenails.---

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yo bro, lemme get a hit of that video-bone.

Brad finally has a chance to share the perfect mix with the one he loves. 

Then Gary shows up.

The Romantic Mix from 6th Borough Comedy on Vimeo.

Check back in the next few days and we'll be posting the rest our videos from the latest show!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Comic Vs. Audience Recap of "Depression"

Check out Dave Walk's recap of our most recent show. With photos!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Sixth Borough Live Album

The wait is over. The Sixth Borough Live Album is finally here. Originally recorded on 1/31/09 on Nexus Radio. You can download the Mp3's here.

1.) Intro/The New Romans
2.) Ghost Phone
3.) Reading Monkey
4.) Gus Musterino/Depression Sketch
5.) Blippyflies
6.) Emily's Song
7.) Hats!
8.) Opium Den
9.) Emergency Broadcast/ Gust Musterino 2/ Mikey and Eli Go to Rita's
10.) The Overlook
11.) Retarded Disease/ End

Here are some images of that day, courtesy Jeremy Tenenbaum.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here we go, some audio

Ok, this is a clip from our radio show. It's a song by Emily and I think it explains itself.

Listen to it here!

More to come.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Steal This Show Recap 2/13

This past Steal This Show at Connie's Ric Rac was craaaaaaazy! Not only was it Friday the 13th, but it was Valentine's Day Eve. We had sketches by The Pippens, standup comedy by Meg Favreau and Dave Walk, and a very special story from Beverly, the southern middle-aged lady who loves cats.

Here's the Sixth Borough's hijinks, photos courtesy Frank  Tartaglia.

Corey hosted the show, as usual, and he read strange "inspirational messages" from a book written by a stoned hippie. Words to remember, "Are bugs special?" Chew on that.

We were treated to Pat Kelly's famous quiz show at this past show. This time his contestants were a bit more cooperative, perhaps because they were from South Jersey. Pat asked hard-hitting questions like "What is your favorite slang word for vagina?" The guests didn't go home empty handed, either, they were all rewarded with fantastic dollar store toys.

Tabitha and Nora performed as the musical duo Sava and Songo, Siberian refugee twins. They sang about trains, tacos, and also played a Nancy Sinatra cover. Its almost impossible to tell them apart, they're that alike.

Jason Vorhees kills, and Jason Messina KILLED. This was truly a treat - a rare chance to see the infamous star of Friday the 13th let loose and talk about stuff that irks him. Seinfeld, eat your heart out!

Emily and Micah closed the show with The McGraw Music Machine, performing a new song about tazers (did you know that they are illegal in Philly, but nowhere else?) and a hit song about their cat, Regis, and his shady past. Keep your whiskers clean, boy, and your tail held high.

Thanks to all who came to the show, we had a great time! See you next month!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Making All Stops"

A semi bi-weekly comic from The Sixth Borough that will surely be posted at least every three months or so.

(Click this link. Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate/zoom.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Recap of Steal This Show 1/16/09

We had a lot of fun at the Ric Rac at the latest Steal This Show, here are some sweet pics, courtesy Dr. Frankie Taraglia:

Brian and Paul of Secret Pants played "Bush or Batman?" with Corey's parents. His mom won. Go Harriet!

The fancy NYC comics that Corey allegedly booked dropped out. Luckily we had some great jokes from Joey and Annie!

Tabitha did some "Standup Jazzedy".

Emily helped increase everyone's awareness of RUNTS, better known as "genital terrors", as The Wine Diva. Cheers!

Jason made a RUNTS video, and Corey creepily loomed in the background.

The heat in the Ric Rac was broken, so everyone was very cold. It was like the olden times. Corey then attempted to give away his baby, Keanu, as a prize to the Feeko Brothers.

His wife was not happy. Yes, Corey is dressed as Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Thanks to everyone who came out and presented videos! We hope to see you at next months show! Make it so.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Comedy show! Tonight!

Ever wonder what it would be like if Corey got his own comedy show? It would be a lot like getting a disease.


It's awards season again, and the only community of entertainers more self-indulgent than filmmakers is, you guessed it, comedians. So in the venerable tradition of celebrating those around you for being in the same industry, Steal This Show is proud to present the first (and maybe only) local alternative comedy awards show of people I know: The Runts!

The ceremony will be held LIVE
January 16th - 8pm
@ Connie's Ric Rac
1132 S. 9th Street
$10, BYOB 21 +

Joey Dougherty
Sean O'Connor
Members of The Sixth Borough

Videos and Appearances by:
The Sixth Borough
The Feeko Brothers
Secret Pants
Dave Walk and Doogie Horner
Don Montrey
Gregg Gethard
Other People!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Toiling in the Sixth Borough's Obscure Radio Show

Have the Commies finally won? Has Corey learned the difference between cologne and a shower? How does Tabitha cross her legs like that? Does Jaime know how to spell her own name? Is Jeremy really just an Old Magazine that's somehow become animated? ... Tune into the Low Frequency Mayhem of 1650AM Philadelphia on January 31, 2009 from 12-3 to find out ...