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Friday, June 5, 2009

Whisper Down the Red Corpse - Part 2

Then the Boy with a stomach for a face ran out into the backyard, tears streaming from his toenails.---

PART 2 ----

The Boy ran and ran. He tripped, then fell. Then, again with the running. He ran until he was in the woods, and all was dark around him. There he entered a clearing. He collapsed to the ground, tired, hungry, and ugly.

"Why!? Why must I look like this?" he shouted into the still black air.

"Because-um" said a voice, "Your people violated a most ancient code-um."

The boy jumped up, wiping his feet free of tears with his boner fingers. "Who is there?" he asked, with fear in his voice and bird shit in his hair.

"I am the spirit of the forest, ugly one-um." said the voice. Then, from the trees, entered the spirit of the forest. He was a tall gray man, with a big hat covered in feathers, and a t-shirt that said "Spirit of the Forest" on it.

"Are you a g-g-g-ghost?" asked the Boy, frightened enough that his ears retracted into his chest.

"Are you ugly-um?" asked the Spirit rhetorically, as both he and the Boy clearly knew the answer was yes, and it did not need to be explained, especially to an intelligent reader such as yourself.

"So then what are you doing here? How did I get here? Can you tell me why I am so fucking ugly?" asked the Boy.

"You see-um," said the Spirit in a deep, somber voice, "you are the result of the white man's abuse of my people's ancient secret nuclear power plant..."

The Boy watched the Spirit as several seconds passed. "Right..."

"That's it," said the Spirit, clearly irritated. "Did you think it was more complicated-um?"

"I guess I assumed it would be." said the Boy as he confusedly picked his elbow nose with his boner. "So if it was so obvious, why did you come here to tell me?"

"Oh, yes-um..." said the Spirit, taking out his magic wand."I forgot."

The Spirit flicked his wrist, and suddenly a wormhole ripped open on the far edge of the clearing, and started sucking in the Boy with a power he couldn't escape. As the Boy began to be drawn in, the Spirit turned to him, and in that deep voice that made the Boy's boner fingers stand on end, said "Good luck-um. You are in for some serious weirdness."

The Spirit turned away just as the Boy was sucked through the portal, spiraling past clocks and trippy 70's colors...


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