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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back from Chicago!

We're back from Chicago, and as some of you might know, we KICKED IT'S MONKEY ASS. Read all about it below in this post from Comic Vs. Audience. Thanks to Dave Walk and all the comedy kids in town for your support! Pics from the trip and info on upcoming shows soon to follow!! Yaaaaaaay!!!

Photo taken by C vs. A at The Sixth Borough's "Depression Isn't Just A River In Egypt" at Connie's Ric Rac this past April. We weren't in Chicago.

"It was fun to do it anyway but to the fact that we won a couple of festival trips made it much more worthwhile," said Corey Cohen a day after his group, Philadelphia's THE SIXTH BOROUGH, won not just the Audience but the Judges award at Chicago's Snubfest (presented by Chemically Inbalanced Comedy). With the awards came entrances toMilwaukee's Comedy Festival in August and 2010's Montreal Sketch Festival.

The other award from Snubfest went to Chicago's The Cool Table, who in turn earned entrance into the Philly Sketchfest later this year (dates haven't been announced yet, but best believe we'll be on top of it).

Meanwhile, plans are in the works for a hero's welcome home for The 6B similar to the Philadelphia Phillies victory parade last year (no, not really). They've just made us so proud, sniff.